Hello! Use the form below or call our main office at 281-604-4000 to contact New Hope Church. We'd love to hear from you! 

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Want to host an event at New Hope Church?

Due to our Financial Peace initiative in the Fall, we will not be accepting any event requests that occur between September 19th and November 24th, 2019. Please contact events@newhopechurch.tv with any questions.

Looking for a venue to host an event? New Hope facilities are available for business related events as well as graduations, banquets and luncheons. Personal requests such as birthday parties and baby showers are permitted on Sunday afternoons at our 288 Campus from 2:30PM-4:30PM. Outdoor space is first come, first serve and indoor space must be reserved by completing the form below.

If you are inquiring about memorial services for a member of New Hope Church who has passed away, please call the church office for immediate assistance at 281-604-4000.

If you have any questions regarding a possible event, contact us at events@newhopechurch.tv.