The multi-site church model is working at this point in history. (See 7 Little-Known Advantages of Multisite Churches) So we’re all in. However, if we go into debt to start each campus (depending on the cost of the building and the offerings at that campus) approximately 20% of the offerings from those campuses would go to THE BANK. Sure, we could start a lot of campuses FASTER using debt (and I know some churches that are doing it). It SEEMS exponential at first. But as additional campuses are started, the process slows considerably as the church becomes more burdened in debt and, therefore, can’t reach people exponentially. In other words, there’s a law of diminishing returns with debt. But the way that we’re going to attempt to start campuses (with God’s help) is DEBT FREE. So instead of approximately 20% of the offerings of that campus going to THE BANK each month, 20% would go to CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT. (See the comparison below.) 

Scenario 1: DEBT 

Scenario 1.jpg

Scenario 2: NO DEBT 

Scenario 2.jpg

The FIRST scenario – starts more quickly, but it’s not sustainable and certainly not exponential. In THE SECOND scenario, every new campus we begin increases our ability to start another campus and reach more people for Jesus. It starts more slowly, but over the next decade or two, it will help New Hope Church to reach people for Christ in an exponential way!! The CHALLENGE for us right now is, the slow start. That’s an issue because on a good weekend MOST of our existing campuses are already at capacity. (See MAXIMIZE SUNDAYS). However, if we can get creative and be flexible about what service we attend, we can continue to reach people for Christ until we are able to plant our next campuses.