1989 - Defining Moment #1 was the decision to start the church. God put this dream in Pastor Tim’s heart back in 1984 while he was a student in Bible College. Along the way, others added their faith to this dream, and the dream became a reality on Palm Sunday, 1989. 

1992 - Defining Moment #2 was the decision to completely change the way we did church. When we began, we were traditional in dress and methodology. We made the decision to change the way we did church. The message did not change. The methods did. 

1994 - Defining Moment #3 was the decision to restart the church. It was a high-risk decision as we moved out of the comfort of the strip mall and back into a school. But our people took this step of faith and worked together to begin again. And it worked. Our tiny church doubled in one day to 150 people. 

1996 - Defining Moment #4 was the decision to buy land and build. We were few in number, but God used 43 families to purchase 22 acres of land and build our first building. Everyone sacrificed. Everyone gave. And the day we opened the doors, our church of a little less than 200 exploded to over 500 people and never looked back. 

2006 – Defining Moment #5 was the decision to go multi-site. (See 7 Little-Known Advantages of Multisite Churches) After we had outgrown our original campus on FM1128, we moved to the 120 acres we now call, the 288 Campus. Within a month of arriving at the 288 Campus, the decision was made to go “multi-site.” It didn’t make sense, but our people committed to making it happen. And in 2008, our first Campus (now the Friendswood Campus) was planted. Since then other campuses have been planted enabling thousands of people to KNOW CHRIST and expanding the reach of our church family’s mission. 

2014 – Defining Moment #6 was the decision to be debt free. This was no easy decision – as any family who has made this decision will tell you. But we believed it would enable us as a church to reach people for Jesus in a Sustainable, Financially Responsible, and Exponential way. (See “Exponential”) As of today, we are still on target to be Debt Free before the end of 2020. (See “2020 UPDATE”)