Contact: Niccole Liston

On-Site Class Schedule

FPU On-Site Scedule.png

Class Locations

288: 8:15 in 5th Grade Room, 1pm & 5pm in JH Room; Web: Krush Lounge; FW: Classroom; Alvin: Classroom

General Info

  • Runs like a service. A pastor/leader will open and close, members will view the video as a group.

  • Childcare will be available from Nursery to 4th grade.

  • Coordinators will be available at the end of service.

  • Coordinators will receive their materials on the first week of class.

  • Cost for class attendees is $99 per household. Scholarships are available. Those interested can contact Pastoral Care for more information on scholarships.

  • Registration available on our website and in the Connections area on weekends

Info for Staff Members working FPU Classes

  • Thursday and Sunday classes will occur during service times. On those days, you will be the point of contact during the class (you don’t have to attend). You will also need to make sure the room is clean, chairs are set up and the TV is working properly.