Event Details

Krush Students 5th - 12th Grade
Early Registration (Until Jan 1): $40
Jan 1 - Feb 9th: $60

Volunteer Recruitment

  • We are starting recruitment on October 3rd and won't end until February 10th, 2020

  • You can find the links to sign up on our New hope page under volunteers along with all the requirements and expectations

Volunteer FAQs

How can I volunteer for Revive? We have several different ways that you can volunteer with us! Most notably you can volunteer in 3 main ways…Hosting a group, driving for a group, or leading a group.

What would I do as a volunteer hosting a group? Host homes volunteer with us by opening their home to a group of students Friday night – Sunday morning! In addition, they assist us in providing food for students, providing bible study meeting areas, and driving.

Do I need to buy food as a Host Home for Revive? No! However, we do provide a gift card to the host home to go and buy food for the group. This allows the host to prepare meals or snacks for the group that they may have in mind without it costing anything for the host!

Do I need to have a bed for students to sleep in? Nope! We tell students to bring sleeping bags with them for Revive to sleep on/in. Just provide an open space for them to sleep in please!

What do I need to do if this is my first time being a Host Home? Someone on staff will setup a date and time to come to your home and provide a training for you. In addition, we require that everyone 17+ has a background check!

What would I do as a volunteer driving for a group? Drivers for our groups are asked to transport students to/from their host home to/from the Friendswood campus for sessions. This also may include transporting students around the community during their “Mid-day activity.”

As a driver, do I have to stay the whole time? No. You are free to drop the students off and take care of anything you need to. We would love to have you but it’s not required!

I can only drive during certain hours of Revive, is that okay? Yes but we may only use you as a fill in driver! Please email iroldan@newhopechurch.tv so she can email you about driving.

Can I drive for my student’s group? Yes!

What all does a leader for Revive do? Leaders will be with the group the entire time. They lead the students through the bible studies provided at the home and sit with their group during sessions.

I just completed my volunteer application, what should I do next? You should be receiving an email with more information from one of our staff members very soon. Please pay a close attention to your email!