We’ve made the decision to carry out our mission DEBT FREE because we believe this will enable the next generation to do ministry in an exponential way. Instead of starting each campus with debt and eventually reaching a max debt load and having to throttle back on our mission to “MAKE CHRIST KNOWN,” our goal is to open doors of each new campus DEBT FREE. NOTE: Debt is not evil. But too much can keep a person or a church from doing what God wants. Just like in your home, if you keep adding more debt, you’re going reach a day when you can’t add more – and you can’t put FOOD on table. We want to keep putting FOOD on table, and we want to ADD TABLES to God’s house!! Our VISION helps us to do that in a sustainable and financially responsible way.

We don’t know what the future holds. Jesus said: “In this world, you will have trouble.” So, part of being financially responsible is being prepared. If the economy goes south. If there is a natural disaster in our part of the world. If for any reason, our offerings are not what we expected in the years to come, we’ll STILL be able to do ministry, missions, pay the light bill, etc. BECAUSE our campuses will be debt free and we’re including a “Campus Development” line in our budget. We believe that God’s money should be handled in a financially responsible way and used for the MISSION of His church. And we believe what we’re attempting to do as a church fam will help us to continue to Make Christ Known in a financially responsible way. It will also help us to reach people in an “Exponential” way. 

If we keep starting campuses, but we go in debt to start them, THEN (depending on the cost of the building, and the offerings at that campus) approximately 20% of the offerings from those campuses would go to PAYING DEBT. Yes, we could start a lot of campuses FASTER using debt, which SEEMS exponential at first. But as additional campuses are started, the process slows considerably as the church becomes more burdened by debt and ultimately, can’t reach people exponentially. In other words, there’s a law of diminishing returns when using debt.

However, the way that we’re going to attempt to start campuses (with God’s help) is DEBT FREE. So, instead of 20% (or so) going to the bank, it goes to starting future campuses. And every new campus we begin increases our ability to start another campus and reach more people for Jesus. It starts slowly, but over the next decade or two, it will help New Hope Church to reach people for Christ in an exponential way until Jesus comes back! (For more details and graphs, please see: Debt Free (vs Debt) Campus Start Up.)