We are so excited to continue partnering with you on your journey to Financial Peace. This page contains a list of webinars set up by FPU Coordinators who want to help answer any questions you may have. They have volunteered their time to either review material from a given FPU Lesson or to deep dive into particular topics like the debt snowball.

If you are interested in attending one of these webinars, go to RingCentral.com and create an account. Download the app to your computer or mobile device. Once you are logged in on the app, just click the link of the meeting you would like to attend. You may need to allow your browser to open the Ring Central app.

If for some reason, the link does not work for you, open the Ring Central app and choose the “Video” tab and select “Join.” Enter the “Meeting ID” listed for the webinar you want to join and at the time of the meeting you will be connected to your FPU Coordinator. You may want to get set up early your first time to ensure your audio/video setup is working.

Thanks again for letting us partner with you on your journey to Financial Peace!

Currently available webinars 

Lesson 1- Larry Colwell Managing Your Monthly Budget: Q&A

Oct 23rd, 2019

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Meeting ID: 148 646 4060