This sermon was originally preached on 04.14.2019, the 30th Birthday of our church family. Pastor Tim recounts the Defining Moments (See “Defining Moments”) of our church family’s history, and shares The Plan for the future. (See “Exponential.”) 

Here’s the Plan…

We are embarking on our biggest test of faith yet as a church family. It’s part of the 6th Defining Moment of our church (see ‘DEFINING MOMENTS”) but will probably end up on its own as Defining Moment #7. It’s a test of discipline and patience. YES: We want to start campuses. The multi-site model is working around the world, and it’s working for our church family. It’s the number one way churches are reaching people for Christ at this moment. 

 But we want to do it: DEBT FREE. (See “EXPONENTIAL”)

The CHALLENGE for us is that we are still paying down debt. Our indebtedness is scheduled to be ZERO on December 31, 2020 (See “2020 UPDATE”). So, we can’t save to start a campus debt free because we’re paying off the debt we currently have. (And THIS is the reason we want to do church differently from now on.)

napkin image for heres the plan page.jpg

The ADVANCE TEAM (see “ADVANCE TEAM”) is working to figure out every detail of how this process will work. But as of this moment, their best guess estimate is that we can have our next campus (land, building, parking, chairs, EVERYTHING needed for a campus/facility) AND staff, in 2024.

That’s awesome! But… it’s not right now. In the meantime, so that we can continue to reach people for Jesus, we need everyone to flow to the less attended services. We’re also going to be making some changes to our service times and days and adding services in the fall of 2019. (See “MAXIMIZE SUNDAYS”) We have to be willing to do whatever we need to do to use our existing buildings to the maximum on Sundays!