Thanks for being interested in helping with photography at New Hope Church. We are excited to work alongside you! Your photos will help us capture some of the awesome things that go on at New Hope Church on a weekly basis. Below you will find some guidelines and tips for having a succesful time taking photos at New Hope Church. 

What to wear

Our goal is to not distract anyone attending church while we take photos. A good photo is not worth distracting someone in worship, or taking someones attention away from the lesson. This means being quiet as you move in and out of rooms & the auditorium, wearing dark clothing to blend in to the background, and never standing in front of someone or blocking their view for extended periods of time. 

Camera Settings

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Photo Composition

Photo composition is very important. Hiding the identity of the people in the photo makes a photo much more usable for New Hope Church not he website or social media. If you photo is a straight on portrait of someone at church, it may be a good photo but is not good for NHC to use on social media unless we have permission from that individual and the image fits our photo needs at the time. Often times taking the photo from behind can make the photo more usable. Below are some examples.

Genesis pic.jpg
Easter 2018_Wed_288-1.jpg

Where to upload

We have created a dropbox where you can upload your photos for NHC to use. Please go through and take out any photos that are blurry or that you think may not be usable. This will help us to be able to quickly sort through the high number of photos taken during a weekend and make our selections to use in a timely manner.

If we don't use them right away we may be saving them for future use but either way we want you to know that we are thankful for your help in this area.

Upload your photos HERE