Campaign/Event Promotion and Information

Please fill this form out to the best of your ability. We know things might change and info will be added, but this will help us start working on your promotional package.

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Give us an overall description of your campaign/event including who, what, and why. Why is this event/campaign important? Include any verbiage, keywords or catch phrases that you would like us to use in promotion. This information will be used to describe your event on our website, announcements and other promotional material.
Give us as many details relating to your event as possible. This should include things like childcare details, what rooms are being used, an itinerary of your event, etc. This information will go on our Inside Baseball page for staff members and will be communicated to our front desk and Connections volunteers.
Is there a deadline to sign up? Are we recruiting volunteers? Will there be a price increase at some point? Please be as specific as possible and include dates if you have them. This will help us plan on stage announcements and social media posts.
Give us a list of questions that are frequently asked regarding your event and how you would like staff and volunteers to answer them.
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