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Revive Weekend 2020


Revive is a weekend long event for all 5th-12th grade students. Students are split into groups based on gender, grade, and geography, and spend the weekend at a volunteer host home with a volunteer adult leader. Throughout the weekend they are transported by volunteer drivers from their host home to the Friendswood campus for corporate worship and challenging lessons. They will participate in a midday activity meant to grow community within their small group. They will also have small group discussions throughout the weekend about what they are learning. The weekend will conclude at your student’s home campus where their group will attend a Sunday morning service to conclude Revive Weekend 2020.

Early Registration is now open!

Early Registration: $40 per student
Price increases to $60 on January first so sign up now!

Want to volunteer for Revive Weekend?

Did you know it takes over 300 adult volunteers to make Revive Weekend happen? When you serve as a volunteer at Revive Weekend, you get to be a part of the Life Change that is going to happen! We love seeing our adults engage with the next generation of New Hopers through this life-changing weekend!

The responsibility of a HOST HOME for Revive weekend is as follows:
- To provide a safe and secure environment for Krush students and their leaders during the duration of Revive Weekend.
- They will open their home to 8-10 students and their leader to stay for the weekend.
- They will help transport students to and from the event.
- Needs for food will be provided by New Hope church for the students staying in their home. Host will be responsible for an area for students to eat and prepare their food.
- Host are welcomed to participate as much as they like in day time activities and in bible study.

The responsibility of a DRIVER for revive weekend is as follows:
- Driver must be available to transport to and from the church, host home and other activities during the event.
- Driver must be of the age 21 and up.
- Drivers must have a current Divers license and Insurance. A copy must be made and given to Krush staff.
- Driver must have a reliable vehicle that has recently passed State inspection.
- Driver must be on time during the entire event.

The responsibility of a bible study leader for Revive Weekend is as follows:
-All leaders must be 18 and above.
-The leader will stay with the students in a host home from Friday evening till after the last Sunday morning session.
-They are responsible for studying, preparation and teaching of the bible study lesson that Krush provides.
-The leader is responsible for creating a welcoming environment for students
-The leader will keep up with the students in all activities, ensuring that they have a positive experience.
-The leader will maintain a positive attitude throughout the weekend, showing the love of Christ, recognizing the reality that Revive, to many students, will be their first encounter with the Gospel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a bed for students to sleep in?
Nope! We tell students to bring sleeping bags with them for Revive to sleep on/in. Just provide an open space for them to sleep in please!

What do I need to do if this is my first time being a Host Home?
Someone on staff will setup a date and time to come to your home and provide a training for you. In addition, we require that everyone 17+ has a background check!

What would I do as a volunteer driving for a group?
Drivers for our groups are asked to transport students to/from their host home to/from the Friendswood campus for sessions. This also may include transporting students around the community during their “Mid-day activity.”

As a driver, do I have to stay the whole time?
No. You are free to drop the students off and take care of anything you need to. We would love to have you but it’s not required!

I can only drive during certain hours of Revive, is that okay?
Yes but we may only use you as a fill in driver! Please email so she can email you about driving.

Can I drive for my student’s group?

I just completed my volunteer application, what should I do next?
You should be receiving an email with more information from one of our staff members very soon. Please pay a close attention to your email!

If you have any additional questions about volunteering, email Ingrid at