Imagine for a second what you could do if you were completely debt-free. What could you do for your family? For other people? That's what we are about to find out together! Click the links below to learn more about the Fall session of Financial Peace University at New Hope Church.






  • Registration

    • Coordinators- Available now! Click the button above to sign up.

    • Members- Registration available July 25th

  • Cost and Perks


  • How do I register for a class? Member registration will be available July 25th.

  • Why do I need to pay to participate? We believe there is value and accountability in making a small investment for long term benefits for you, your family and God’s kingdom. The discounted rate of $99 per household (normally $129) translates to just $11 per week!

  • What is a “church pause”? Because we believe strongly about Financial Peace and what it can do for you and your family, we are clearing up the schedule to allow everyone to focus on the course and removing additional activities from the church calendar.

  • What does the church benefit from this course? Our church is one big family and when one member suffers, we all suffer. Studies show that the majority of Americans are living beyond their means and have accrued an oppressive amount of debt. We believe Financial Peace University offers hope and a practical means of obtaining financial health. We love our church family and want everyone to experience freedom in all aspects of life, including their finances.

  • I am not in debt, why do I need to take FPU? Because we need you to share YOUR story!  You are also the perfect candidate for group coordinator or assisting those who have questions on how they can become debt free and become more generous with what God has blessed them with.

  • What is FPU Central? FPU central is a website, offered by the Dave Ramsey team, that offers several useful tools to assist in your journey through FPU. Access to FPU central is given upon registration and is available to both coordinators and members.

  • Do I have to utilize the app? Although the app is free, an additional upgrade link is included in your FPU course purchase. However, utilizing the app is not required in order to participate in the class.

  • How long do I have access to FPU Central? Members and Coordinators will have access to the FPU Central account for one year from the date of registration in addition to other perks included in the kit.

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